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Why would kames Packers friend and business partner be involved with professional criminals like Glenn Connelly and Mick featherstone - because he is a greedy piece of *** who is happy to defraud people to make more money.

Tripp set up Kryptos Rewards with Mick Fetaherstone and Glenn Connelly. The company was run by Travis Burch - (under arrest for fraud and money laundering)

Glenn Connelly is a career criminal and Mick featherstone is alos under arrest for numerous charges including fraud and money laundering.

So james packer is happy to do business with ORGANISED CRIME.

Mick Featherstone is ORGANISED CRIME as is Glenn Connelly.

Vince McDonald is friends of Tripp ( both have interest in vanuatu and worked together on scams.

James Packer either does not know the links to ORGANISED CRIME or is blinded by his friends success - mainly due to fraud it appears.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund. Mick123 is overall dissatisfied with Kryptos Rewards. The most disappointing about kyptos rewards at Kryptos Rewards was criminal involvement Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1221038

At least kerry packer hung out with real men - james Packer hangs out with people who defraud kids and single women - James Packer - *** who would not survive a day without daddy's money. Sucks up to the criminals to make money.

Thought the Packers at least had some balls - this one is just a puppet for organised crime.

Crown Casino - money laundering paradise courtesy of James (weak as ***) Packer.

Regards to yur mates Vince Mcdonald, Ryan Kay, Mick featherstone, Glenn Connelly - all great mates and all ORGANISED CRIME

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1221033

Tripps father was a convicted criminal and was heavily involved in setting up the scam capitol vanuatu. Packer IS VERY AWARE of what Tripp represents - he just doesn't care because "A DOLLAR IS A DOLLAR" = even if it was defrauded from a single mother or a dying patient.

Packer knows what TRIPP IS as does everyone in the business.

Great friends of Mick featherstone and Mick Gatto - all with very strong links to million dollar scams from vanuatu.

Kerry would be ashamed.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1221012

As Kerry Packer once said - "A DOLLAR IS A DOLLAR"

Appears they do not care if the money has come from defrauding dying cancer patients or single parents - thought more of the Packers than just Organised Crime bloodsuckers.

You lie with dogs James which you appear to do - do not complain if you get fleas

Appears there are a lot of fleas already.

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